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How do you ...  
As I sit down to write my husbands legacy it come with lot of  heart-filled emotion.
How can you write down someone life who had so much left to do?
He had just started to come in to his own at work and excel at what he did best. He had just perfected his wine making and was on his way to making more great bottles.  Our Garden looked so good, it was a shame to take out all the great vegeables and can them alone. I look around our great room and I see all of his accomplishments and I am sad that I have to enjoy them all by myself. I look at our house that he helped built and wondered how he did it with such determination all by himself. His love for his children was effortless and he enjoyed every minute he could spend them. He was so proud of them and loved watching them excel in all they had accomplished. His love for life never seemed to amaze me, for I felt the same. I thought we had the rest of our lives to enjoy it together, and each other, but I guess God had other plans for my strong, witty, handsome, smart and loving man.

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       ~ It was an honor and privilege to have called him my husband~

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