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My condolences  / Chris Woodward (cousin (in-law) )  Read >>
My condolences  / Chris Woodward (cousin (in-law) )

Debbie ~ 
    I only met Terry briefly....and even though I didn't "know" him ~ I could see that you both seemed happy and were having a good time at Mom's party ~
    I can only pray that the Lord will give you the strength that you'll need to do all that you have to....and that He will comfort you, and give you peace ~ and rest. 
    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers....and if you ever want to talk, or come visit....just let me know ~ 
 Love ya~

Now Another of God's Angels  / Marge /. John Smith (Aunt and Uncle )  Read >>
Now Another of God's Angels  / Marge /. John Smith (Aunt and Uncle )
The thing we remember the most about Terry is his perpetual smile. A soft-spoken gentle man that our Debra loved so very much. The man that inherited so many new relatives all at once and treated them like he had known them forever. His homemade wine was the best we had ever tasted and like all of the things in life he did, he did them with perfection. Terry, it saddens us that you are no longer with us. Close
Miss my friend.  / Bob Horbey (friend)  Read >>
Miss my friend.  / Bob Horbey (friend)

When I think about Terry I always see his smiling face.  There was a never ending list of situations to laugh and smile about.  We traveled together for hunting trips and shows, staying in seedy old hotels or nicer places if available in the area.  It was great to have a friend who said “Let’s go.”  before I even finished asking if he wanted to do a hunting trip.  In Terry’s memory here are a few highlights I often think about from one of our trips.


We drove 15 hours in the night to Kentucky, listening to Johnny Cash and the Soggy Bottom Boys, and talking about whatever was on our minds, mostly hunting.  It still strikes me how fast that time passed.


Arriving at 6am we met our outfitter, who turned out to be a well known local character.  Over the course of the week Bentley gave us a show of southern hospitality and raw redneck humor that we never stopped laughing about.  After handing over the cash to Bentley we drove the fields in his pickup, in the pouring rain, looking over the absolutely gorgeous 800 acre farm that was ours.  It was not a day to hunt because of the rain, so Bentley dragged us captive on his agenda, which turned out to be more interesting than crashing at the Best Western. 


Bentley took us to the local Sporting Goods where we spent over 2 hours debating what kind of hunting blind he was going to purchase with our money.  We also went to the backwoods taxidermist, where Terry and I witnessed a most impressive display of massive headgear from recently killed local bucks.  So we got the feeling we were in a great area with giant bucks.  Next we went to Bentley’s place for more trophy displays, and some Maker’s Mark.  Locally made and very smooth bourbon. 


We didn’t see much of Bentley after we were let loose on the private and secluded farm for the next 5 days.  But one day he showed up on the hill with another genuine hillbilly, introducing Terry and I to his friend.  When he introduced me as “Hornbey”, I corrected him and said “It’s Horbey, Bentley.”  After a pause Bentley drawls “We like Hornbey.”   Forever after that I was Hornbey, with a southern drawl, to Terry.   


Terry had this very large portable treestand that he bought for the trip.  When the oversized stand was strapped to his back, I told him he looked like a 12 year old kid with a regular size stand.  Jeff was 12 at the time so I called Terry Jeff for the week.  This is the kind of juvenile behavior that was never ending with us. 


After being in the woods and field edges all day, we ate fried chicken or enormous steaks, had one Maker’s Mark, and went to sleep.  Next day we’d do it again.  The fluke weather was too warm for buck movement, 70s in the day, so the opportunities were very limited.  I shot an average buck on the 4th day, and kept hunting, waiting for something to happen with Terry.  Despite all the goofing around, we all know that Terry was very focused and accomplished with his endeavors.  So I expected him to make it happen right up to the last light of the last day.  I really hoped he’d shoot a nice buck since this particular trip was arranged by me.


And it was the last light of the last day of the Kentucky rifle season when I heard the shot.   This is why we hunt, for the feeling of success after long sits on stand and hard work preparing.  I was so excited for Terry at that moment.  I turned on the radio saying “Was that you mister?”.  Terry confirmed the shot was his and that it was a real wide mature buck!  It turned out to be a shot you could only count on Terry to pull off.  The buck came out of the woods low to the ground moving fast after a doe.  With the pressure on, time up, and the buck a few steps from the next finger of protective woods,  he made a perfect shot on a moving target.  In the dark we found his buck.  Bentley paraded the trophy in front of his other customers at the motel.  We drove home in a snowstorm with the buck on the roof.  We received thumbs up all the way home from passing cars on the highway.


Arriving home, Deb was all happy and excited as she welcomed us and took some pictures.  The frozen buck was covered in ice and road salt.


"A hunting trip doesn't seem very important in this forum. but I know how much these times meant to him. And I saw how he touched so many people in good ways."

What happened is so sad and tragic.  Terry made his own choice in a moment of weakness and confusion.  We know he had other choices, and that this one was just insanity, with no possible justification.  Father Zandy said God made us fragile and fragile things can break.  He said we don’t know the answer to this one and never will.  But in all hard things like this there can be opportunities.  For me that opportunity has been to open up and share important things with close friends.  Tragedy and hardship bring some closer to God, and to one another, where God wants us to be.             



My Uncle  / Steve Walsh (Nephew In Law )  Read >>
My Uncle  / Steve Walsh (Nephew In Law )

As I sit here at 2:32 A.M in my dorm room, I am trying to find the words and sentences to descirbe not only my Uncle Terry but also what he meant to me, my family, and to the world that he lived in. I can remember the exact day that I first met Terry. I'm not going to lie, at first I was skeptical. But after only about an hour of talking with him, I felt as if he were part of the family for years. My Aunt Deb is a wonderful lady, and who has been apart of my life since the day I was born. I had never seen anyone make her so happy in her entire life. My Uncle Terry was the kind of man that not only would do a favor for you, but would do it with a smile on his face the entire time. I remember just hanging out with him whenever I visited, and just joking with him and talking about life in general. The last week I got to spend with him will always be in my heart. I couldn't shutup about how excited I was about going to college, and he was more than happy to listen and tell me stories of his days in college. He said he would try to visit me on Father's Weekend too. I helped him change the oil in his cars, we went hunting together, he told me all kinds of things about wine, and even let me taste a little bit. I remember staying up till 2 A.M playing cards with him, my aunt, and my sister. The girls wanted to go to bed, but me and my Uncle Terry weren't done bonding yet. Just as I remember the first day I met him, I remember the day I said goodbye to him. His last words to me exactly were "See you soon". They weren't goodbye or have a safe trip, but "See you soon." And I know that I will see my Uncle Terry again soon enough. I know he is up there smiling down on me and watching and sometimes protecting me. And for that, I am striving to live life to the fullest. I am striving to make him proud. The last night I spent with my Uncle Terry we smoked cigars together (sorry mom), and I forgot to give him his lighter back. I still have it even though it ran out of fuel a long time ago. I will always keep it close by so that when the day comes that I see him again I can return it to him. Maybe we'll even have a glass of wine together.....He truely meant the world to me and I miss him. RIP Uncle Terry.   I'll "see you soon".

Our Most Sincere Condolences  / Jay And Margaret Drugan (Cousins in law )  Read >>
Our Most Sincere Condolences  / Jay And Margaret Drugan (Cousins in law )
It's difficult to find the words to describe how deeply saddened we were for the loss of Terry.  It is a true tragedy that someone who gave so much to others is now gone.  There wasn't a shadow of a doubt how much joy he brought to Deb's life.  We remember her bubbling over with excitement over her new relationship with Terry and were so very thrilled to see that they had wed.  Our most heartfelt and sincere condolences go to Deb, Terry's family and friends and our extended family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Close
A void you did leave  / Fran Neschleba (Aunt)  Read >>
A void you did leave  / Fran Neschleba (Aunt)

You were a very special person and it is so unfair that you are not with us to continue sharing yourself with us all. We miss you and hope that we could have helped you with your hidden pain. Just seems like God had other plans for you. You were really loved very much by all. We are all suffering a great loss. May God hold you forever in his arms.

I carry him with me.  / Steve Duffek (Father in Law )  Read >>
I carry him with me.  / Steve Duffek (Father in Law )

Terry was like a son to me. I think about him  and miss him everyday. We had a lot in common and I wish I had more time to do those things with him. I know I will carry him with me in all the things I do,  that we use to share.

missing you  / Valerie Murphy (friend)  Read >>
missing you  / Valerie Murphy (friend)

Hello Terry, I hope that you are at peace now. If there was one moment that I knew that you weren't happy  I would have help you through the bad times. We miss you so much and think about everyday. I hope something good comes out such a tragic ending of a beautiful person.

Missing him on our Anniversary......  / Deborah Coughlin (His soulmate )  Read >>
Missing him on our Anniversary......  / Deborah Coughlin (His soulmate )

Happy Anniversary Terry,

I love and miss every day.

I wish you were here with me to share in our special day.

I know we had big plans for today that will never be filled.

But instead I will just visit your grave site and miss you.

cause sometimes you miss people  / Elizabeth Walsh   Read >>
cause sometimes you miss people  / Elizabeth Walsh

Missing you and thinking of you everday of my you

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